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Have you been wronged by Jojo
of NonStopTalk & FireOnNonStopTalk?

How about by one or more of her moderators? Have you felt helpless and felt there was nothing you could do about it? Do you feel there is no justice on Zello? Perhaps you have vented to others and they understand and share your thoughts and feelings, but you know this does not produce any results. Have you been to one or more of the "NST hate channels" or maybe even created one yourself? True, it may make you feel a little better talking about it, but what good did it really do? Did the bad behavior stop? You and others still continued to get hurt; to get the door slammed in your face....or worse. Maybe lies were spread about you because you disagreed with her mode of operation? Or because you tried to stand against the tyranny of Jojo and her lapdogs. Have you been ignored and not trusted into her channels no matter how many times you tried and pressed the microphone? Were you blocked for no reason or because your English was poor?

Were you or are you a moderator for her? Are/ were you tired of her manipulation? Did she play the 'Dangle the star over you game' where if you did not do what she wanted, she threatened to take away your star? Did she ask you to do things that went against your moral code? Did she tempt you to become a moderator for her channels by offering you nude pictures of herself? Or perhaps blackmail you, even?

Maybe Jojo sent her lapdogs after you because you opened a channel that showed up on the trending list often. Or she sent trolls to your channel. Or sent others to infiltrate your channel. Did she try to shut down or delete your channel or spread lies about you and/or your channel in an attempt to reduce your subscribers who enter or return? Everyone who works hard on a channel deserves to have it without interference, hate, lies, and a determined spoiled brat trying to tear down all your hard work.

Have you sat around wondering what you can do about the crap that Jojo and some of her goons have done? Have you finally just thrown your hands in the air, and given up, thinking it is a losing battle? Well, we are going to tell you that despite all the peddling and going nowhere, the time has finally come where there really may be something that can be done about it.

You CAN do your part and your voice can finally be heard and listened to by those who actually have the power to do something about it.

The answer is here, NOW. Many have wondered, what can be done. Many have thrown in the towel, but it's not a losing battle. Not anymore. After some brainstorming on the part of some Zello citizens who are really fed up with her crap, an idea has emerged that has the potential to yield some positive results....FINALLY!

All you need to do is sign the petition. Say a little something about what has happened to you: how you were hurt, betrayed, disgusted, ostracized, slandered, back-stabbed, manipulated, insulted, coerced, blocked, lied to, tempted, blackmailed, harassed, cyber-bullied, stalked, ignored, blamed, etcetera, by Jojo and/or her lapdogs. If you have more than a paragraph or two of information to share, then in addition to signing the petition and sharing a paragraph, also send an email to explaining in detail what happened. And, if you have recordings and/or screenshots, or any other correspondences from her of her bad behavior or threats, etc., send them too.

When there are enough signatures and evidence gathered up, they will be sent to Zello.

DO YOUR PART! Don't give up! Something can be done. Zello needs to be made aware of the terrible actions that Jojo (Jalisa) has perpetrated and the pain, frustration and more that she has caused the users of Zello. If you are tired of her crap and the crap that has been done to you because of her, NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE A STAND! Don't back down. It is time for justice!

Hasn't there been enough BS already? Isn't it time for this to end? For something to be done?

There has NEVER been a better way presented to do something about this. Taking the low road and playing Jojo's game will not work. Let's take the high road and do this the right way. There is no better way and no other good way ever thought up to actually take action.

ACT NOW! Do not cower or be afraid of her or anyone by speaking up. Nothing will happen to you by making a stand. She is just a young woman and a little brat.

Sign the petition to STOP JOJO AND NST/FONST. Demand that Zello remove her and her channels and ban her from Zello to make this social app a much cleaner place, without all the drama, backstabbing and injustice Jojo conjures up and delegates to others.


REMEMBER:  After you sign the petition, please remember the next and second most important step...
send INVITES TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS to 'Project Liberty - STOP Jojo & NST' channel,
so they too can take action and stand against Jojo's cyber bullying.

PS- If you think Jojo is a nice person, treats people nice in her channel, and runs a nice, clean family channel, think again.  Here is just one example of many of her rants where she is swearing and insulting people in her channel and on Zello. Would you want your 14 year old child listening to that?   We don't think that is appropriate!

Getting her channels off of Zello isn't as important as banning Jojo. Under the right direction, there may be hope for those channels. (Let's hope.) We just need the bad behavior to stop. She won't change, so banning her is the only option. She seems to have a free license to do as she wishes. Others have tried to help her become a better person, but it is losing battle. She is mentally unstable and therefore she can't change. Zello would be a much better place without her.

You read this far, don't turn back now.  If you are tired of the way she has treated you and/or others, this is your best shot to do something. If you are tired of the way her moderators treat you or others, this is the way to deal with it.

Be bold and take action!!

Project Liberty Promotes a Better Zello!

Join Us

Help make Zello a better app and clean up the filth.
Become a Zello Soldier of Justice and stop Jojo and NonStopTalk NOW!
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